Hello, I'm Blake!

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Hello 👋 I'm Blake a fifth year student pursuing a combined Bachelors and Masters in Computer Engineering at Northeastern University.
This portfolio has all my information related to school, projects, and jobs. There's even a few games I built for school and hackathons if you are looking to waste some time.
If you have any questions feel free to reach out!
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Software Engineer 347K

Supported the development of Surface Simulation (Ssim), a simulator used by rover planners to validate rover sequence commands on the Mars rover. Improved terrain support for Ssim by adding better multi-threading of terrain files. Extended testing capabilities for both Ssim and its web interface. Improved web interface by exposing Ssim inputs and designing better external terrain file management. Developed a parser to extract information from flight software channels.

JPL Logo
Jan 21' - Jun 21'

PNT Platform Software Intern

Created a MITRE internal python package that simulated signal propagation. Focused on adding support of terrain maps to pathloss models. Utilized existing packages, such as GDAL and Cartopy, to read in DTED and SRTM files then show accurate latitude/longitude plots. Also, implemented collision detection methods for determing if terrain is blocking signal between receiver and transmitter.

Jun 20' - Aug 20'

NREIP Software Intern

As an NREIP intern, I worked on developing neural networks to predict reaction time in sleep deprived individuals. I used Python and TensorFlow to implement various types such as a fully connected neural network and convolutional neural network. To perform quick analysis I used the hyperopt library and created a system to compare and store various architectures.

Jun 19' - Aug 19'

Simulations Engineer

Developed software to support simulations in two DARPA projects: URSA and Subterranean challenge. For URSA I built environments and worlds with artificially intelligent characters in them to test the capabilities of drones running FOCUS. AirSim was utilized to mimic the drones physics within these environments. For SubTerranean challenge I supported both the Systems and Hardware team (MARBLE) and simulation team (COLLEMBOLA). For MARBLE I developed a base station that interacted with the robots using ROS and JavaScript. For COLLEMBOLA I aided in testing and developing the control systems for managing and moving multiple drones within the Virtual Track. I mostly worked on writing algorithms for navigating through the tunnel system safely.

Jan 19' - Jun 19'

Student Trainee (Office Automation)

Worked as an intern developing software to support the engineering departments flow of information. I designed, optimized, and secured a database containing PII using Microsoft Access, SQL, and Excel.

Supship Logo
Jun 18' - Aug 18'

ROS2 Robot API
Individual Passion Project

Ignition Drone Trio with RVIZ and Simulation

General suite of ROS2 packages for controlling robots (drones, rovers, planes, etc.). Generic API to launch a team of vehicles in any simulator. Easily allows for switching between AirSim, Gazebo, and Ignition. Added capabilities to command with velocities, waypoints, and paths. Side packages include support for using darknet to follow objects with bounding boxes.


Swarm Carrier Capstone
Software Lead

Swarm Team Simple Mission

Project building a large octocopter (UHL) for delivery and retrieval of smaller UAVs. Controls are done with a modified version of PX4 using RTPS. RTPS is a communication framework that allows for ROS2 to directly interface with the PX4 firmware. ROS2 is used as the main infrastructure for communicating commands and retrieving data from sensors. Missions are performed with a behavior tree library developed by our club in C++. The main mission involves dropping UAVs from our UHL and then having them catch themselves mid-air using a custom Drop mode we added. The UAVs will then perform a search mission and reintegrate back into the UHL through precision landing on ArUco markers.


NUAV Software
Project Lead

Frog V2 Fleet

Northeastern Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (NUAV) is a club my friends and I started my sophomore year. It focuses on developing solutions to robotics problems involving UAVs. A large portion of the software was developed with the capstone project above in mind. Custom interfaces to PX4 using RTPS are primarily used and various tools are being developed, such as behavior trees, aruco detection, simulation, and path planning.


Deep Flight
CS4100 AI Final Project

AirSim DeepFlight Trials

Reinforcement learning project with double DQN to train UAV navigation using a depth camera in AirSim


Hack Harvard Submission


Eye tracker that lets all individuals play Tetris, with their eyes.


NUAV AlphaPilot
Project Lead

AlphaPilot Gate

Autonomous drone racing competition.


Planet Polluter
1st Place NASA Space App Hackathon

Planet Polluter In-Game

Game developed in Unity to demonstrate the effect of pollution on the earth's climate.


Maze Game
Cornerstone of Engineering 2 Project

Maze Game In-Game

Maze game developed with Java.


Physics Simulator
AP CS Principles Project

Physics Simulator

Basic ball physics simulator.